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christina herbst is a milwaukee based branding and portrait photographer. learn more about the woman behind the camera.

p h o t o g r a p h e r  //  d i g i t a l   c o n t e n t   c r e a t o r


my name is christina herbst and i am a creator! i'm beyond blessed to pursue my two passions in life: photography and digital content creation (they're my jam.) i spend my days creating digital content for taste of home and on the weekends, i can be found snapping photos of the people and small businesses of milwaukee. in my free time, i can be found listening to Maggie Rogers on repeat, scouting out local coffeehouses, finding any way to book a flight somewhere and surrounding myself with dreamers, doers and thinkers who i love spending quality time with.

my passion for photography started off as an impromptu photoshoot with my best friend in high school. fast forward 8 years and it has transformed into this beautiful business with over 20+ loyal clients, 2 photography magazine publications and 3+ years of professional experience. i've grown alongside my craft and i'm happy to say that i've found my style along the way. years may have passed, yet this passion still sets my soul on fire.

why book me? the answer is simple really: i strive to make your session naturally yours. i strive to capture your most authentic self behind the lens. i value your goals for the shoot and i strive to capture the "oh my gosh I LOVE IT" dream photos. i individually tailor my strategy, execution and cost based on what your goal is for the shoot - so you're not pigeon holed into a "one size fits all" plan. i do this all because i value YOU. so...what do you say? let's chat today!

*cue the grand finale with confetti, champagne pops, and most importantly, booking your dream photoshoot*

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