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I ' M  H A P P Y  O U R 
P A T H S  C R O S S E D

let's chat more! please reach out to me via e-mail to start our journey together.

wondering about my pricing? glad you asked.

because i value the beauty and authenticity of a personalized photoshoot, i customize prices tailored to your needs and goals for your shoot. no "one size fits all" pricing plan here. reach out to book your consultation session so we can plan your photoshoot  t o g e t h e r.

Milwaukee, WI

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Christina did an incredible job at capturing me in my branding photography! I usually get pretty uncomfortable & insecure about photos, but I was amazed at how beautifully she captured me and my brand! I saw the raw photos, and this girl has some serious talent. She hardly even needed to edit them! I love her raw, authentic & natural aesthetic and how she helps create moments that don't look staged/posed. Definitely recommend her for branding photography! -Lauren Braier, Branding Client

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